Bikini Shoot Escapes

Welcome to Bikini Shoot Escapes

Coming back to Jamaica May 16-22 2022 after a successful June 2021 event.

Limited spots for models, photographers, and guests.

Venue Information

Bikini Shoot Escapes(BSE) for 2022 our top priorities is for everyone health and well-being.

BSE May 16-22 2022, will be held at an luxury all-inclusive Adults Only hotel in Jamaica, seven days. Includes all meals & beverages. Multiple A La Carte restaurants.

The hotel includes amenities like free Wi-Fi throughout the resort, multiple pools, a gym, a spa it is the perfect place for a vacation with your partner or friends, and many other amenities. Every room includes a minibar, air condition, full shower, satellite television.

Transportation will be provided from airport(MBJ) to hotel(1hr) and back(1hr).

All attending models will received and keep sponsored swimwear, lingerie, and other products.

Minimum of 3 Retouched Images per look.

Again for 2022 professional makeup with lashes is provided for all models for four days of their choice. Included is a half day fun in the sun excursion. Our last June 2021 event excursion included was at  Dolphin Cove Jamaica.

Come to Jamaica and enjoy your time and meet new friends. Meet and shoot with many talented models and photographers for publication or use your content for social media.

NO REFUNDS. Credit up to the value of each purchase towards future trips. No credit or changes 45 days before event date.


Who we are

Bikini Shoot Escapes(BSE) is a photography-model event company that is interested in hosting one major annual event for like-minded individuals who would love to learn and create quality photography content. We cater and welcome all level of experience to attend. We will have a model and photography mentoring secession if needed free of charge.

BSE is about shooting quality content over quantity. We strive to ensure that our event atmosphere is casual but, professional run.

You will be able to leave our event knowing you have created quality content, and creating new friendships.

BSE, we are sponsored from different swimwear companies. We actually give away sponsored swimwear and lingerie for models to wear and keep. We are not like some other event companies where multiple models shoot in the same outfit and have to return it after the photoshoot.

To be invited back as a photographer you have to give a min of three edited photos per set. Photographers be respectful to the models, makeup artist, and sponsors and give models backs edits in a respectable time frame. Not three months later.

PLEASE Don’t be that photographer that shoots with models and does not give models back any edits.

Model Sponsorship May 2022

At every event we will have models available for sponsorship who would like to attend but the cost is a little out of their budget. By helping to sponsor a experienced model they can help you improve your photography skills. With a sponsored model the photographer will have first choice of shooting two sunrise and two sunset shoots. You will have a min of 1 hr daily to shoot with your sponsored model. The shoot can be in one session or broken down into two smaller 30 min shoots a day.

Your sponsorship helps reduces the model cost to attend.

For more info contact us below.




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